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We can provide product inspection service in production or before shipment 

according to customer requirements to control product quality.

An inspection can be arranged within 24 hours in all major production regions in China.

Inspection Framework

Inspection request:

Send us an email and submit an inspection request, stating the supplier’s contact details. 

We negotiate the date and all the necessary details with the supplier. 

After that, you only have to confirm the request.

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Arrival at the factory:

Upon arrival at the factory, the inspector makes photos of the production site, 

meets your manager and the head of the factory (if possible). 

After that, he examines the shipment for compliance with Amazon standards

– the presence of all the necessary labels, barcodes, the dimensions, weight, and quality of the cartons.

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Product examination:

One packed product is randomly taken from one of the boxes for close examination. 

You will receive detailed photos and videos, showing its appearance, functionality, and packaging via email.

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Random check:

The percentage of inspected items is determined by AQL standards and depends on the total quantity 

and technical complexity of the goods. 

Normally the inspection of 5-10% is enough to draw a conclusion about the overall quality of the goods.

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After the inspection is complete, we provide you with the overall results and negotiate all the details 

concerning the correction of defects with the supplier (if necessary). 

Fix any problem with your shipment during the inspection.

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